Young people rethinking the future

Leading change through innovative collaboration.

Students want to move from protest to being taken seriously to help find solutions.

They should be leading the change. They ARE THE FUTURE!

Encompass empowers young people to reimagine the future of their planet

Young people are anxious about their futures; by giving them a chance to actively contribute and develop ideas they can see positive pathways to a better, cleaner, greener world, a planet that works for the benefit of all.

Having launched our Biojoyversity initiative earlier this year, we have seen it grow rapidly, supported by a phenomenal group of advisors from academia and industry.

Encompass is the next step, a vision to give young people agency to rethink the future and collaborate in new ways across the creative arts and sciences, economics, and design.

We are creating a space for students to understand future challenges and think outside the box for solutions. Encompass will be a destination for children of all ages as well as the wider community, providing a conference and performance centre for worldwide access.

School students have brilliant imagination and creativity

Students put a new style cosmic ray detector in space, collaborating with NASA, CERN and Surrey Satellite Technology and their published research contributed to radiation analysis for the Artemis mission.

Please help us to make Encompass a reality for young people to innovate, care and collaborate for Nature and their Planet, to shape their future.