New Dimensions partnership

by Becky Parker

A collaborative community hub to bring together creative arts and sciences in the promotion of Nature, Diversity and Innovation.

We aim to create a unique space for community creative arts and sciences.

We are involving a large number of collaboration partner schools across Kent and want to promote their ideas in what will be their space.  We will also develop the vast range of activities already happening including Arts Fest, a phenomenal range of musical activities, drama and movement, art and creativity, story-telling and Biojoyversity priorities – innovation, collaboration and action for Nature.

The need for collaborative action across the creative arts and sciences in urgent, to promote understanding, agency and improve well-being.

We are working with the Rebecca Hobbs and the Kent School of Architecture and Planning to run an architecture and landscape development project with her students.

The site for this project is located on the outskirts of Canterbury at the Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School. It will a collaborative project as the Girls’ School develops funding for a live project. Your designs may be chosen to inspire and inform the architects chosen for the new development.

The space will be a significant space for large scale music, art and movement/drama activities which explore new ways to engage, empower and give agency to the community for repairing Nature.

Students will be looking at the relationship between landscape and architecture through the siting of a building, site planning, elementary planting design and landscape detailing, and the sense of well-being that can be experienced in the landscape. Architecture and landscape will be fully integrated both spatially and conceptually.


About Becky

Becky teaches Physics and is passionate about empowering young people to act and innovate for the planet.

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