‘The Big One’ – Extinction Rebellion Protest

by Annabelle Styles

Extinction Rebellion united on the 21st to the 24th April for ‘The Big One’. This protest was to encourage the ending of the ‘fossil fuel era’ and demand a fair society.  Included in the ‘family-friendly’ protest was a programme of speakers, performers and workshops.

Extinction Rebellion partnered with 200 other organisations to create a bigger impact. Some of the other organisers who pledged their support for ’The Big One’ were Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, CAFOD, PCS union and more.

Extinction Rebellion began on the 31st October in 2018, assembling in Parliament Square in central London in order to announce a Declaration of Rebellion opposing the UK Government. 1,500 people joined in this protest and since then, the organisation has grown massively with over 60,000 people participating in the most current protest over the April weekend.

Some Scientists for XR articulated the dilemma that a peaceful, inclusive protest doesn’t achieve any publicity.  The only publicity that seemed to happen was the discussion about XR not disrupting the London Marathon and their commitment that they would make sure it ran smoothly, which it did.


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