Wild Weekender

by Chloe Kendall
& Sophie Brown

From the 28th April to the 1st May, Wild Weekender by Save our Isles is an initiative to encourage people to sow and plant seeds in time for first bloom in the summer.

Whether you have a garden, baskets or a balcony, planting even a small pot will make a big difference to brightening our local communities. It will also be helping our pollinators to continue to spread seeds across wider areas.

Planting wild flowers and spring seasonal flowers encourages flowering by summer and attracts local wildlife increasing biodiversity.

Sadly 1/7 of the UK wildlife species are endangered so whatever we can do to help protect them is seriously important!

If you take part use the hashtag #MyWildSpace and #biojoyversity in your posts!


About Chloe

A student passionate about saving and protecting the environment.

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